Of course, a crucial role should play preferences of girls in the cinema. But if it's your first or second date and you still haven't managed so deeply to know the tastes of your passion, you should follow some best practices.

What movies with a girl better not to look?

From plans for the evening immediately is to remove the Comedy produced in the USA, the humor is mostly low, vulgar and vulgar, horror movies with elements of "dismemberment" and the streams of blood, militants with mountains of corpses.

Also you should avoid paintings that can make you fall into despair even the most cheerful spectators. A vivid example of Directors who make such films – Lars von Trier or Federico Fellini.
Yes, such works can be confidently attributed to the masterpieces of cinema, but obviously it is not advisable to abuse the viewing of their work during a date with a girl.

Also the case with the films on military subjects. Viewing these undisputed leaders of hire, as "Schindler's List", "Pianist" or "the Brest fortress" it is also better to leave till the best times. If all the same dared to viewing sentimental films, be prepared for the fact that girls will certainly be painful feeling after viewing. Perhaps we should stock up on handkerchiefs.

What movies a girl should watch?

Of course, have many favorite films that cause nostalgia. Movies like "the Fifth element" or "Beauty" fits perfectly.

You can also choose from the classic and beloved romantic comedies, leaving behind a trail of lightness and romance.
The perfect example of such movie is "love actually."

Consider options for multi-part movies that allow you for several evenings not to wonder to see. "Star wars" George Lucas or "Taxi" by Luc Besson will be very useful. Perhaps your choice will fall not on the multi-movie and TV series. Now there are many high quality and interesting TV shows for every taste. Then you really will not have long to suffer the problem of choice.

Another safe bet is a Soviet movie. Kind, funny and so favorite since childhood, domestic movie surely won't let you "miss" with the choice. Variants of Soviet films that we can confidently recommend to view incredible variety: "Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession", "Girls", "the diamond arm" and hundreds of films able to please even the most discerning viewer.