Advice 1: What movie to watch with a girl

Men, as a rule, in anticipation of a romantic date with your partner sometimes think about what film it is better to look at. Currently, this unusually large selection of quality films, among them you can easily get confused.
What movie to watch with a girl
Of course, a crucial role should play preferences of girls in the cinema. But if it's your first or second date and you still haven't managed so deeply to know the tastes of your passion, you should follow some best practices.

What movies with a girl better not to look?

From plans for the evening immediately is to remove the Comedy produced in the USA, the humor is mostly low, vulgar and vulgar, horror movies with elements of "dismemberment" and the streams of blood, militants with mountains of corpses.

Also you should avoid paintings that can make you fall into despair even the most cheerful spectators. A vivid example of Directors who make such films – Lars von Trier or Federico Fellini.
Yes, such works can be confidently attributed to the masterpieces of cinema, but obviously it is not advisable to abuse the viewing of their work during a date with a girl.

Also the case with the films on military subjects. Viewing these undisputed leaders of hire, as "Schindler's List", "Pianist" or "the Brest fortress" it is also better to leave till the best times. If all the same dared to viewing sentimental films, be prepared for the fact that girls will certainly be painful feeling after viewing. Perhaps we should stock up on handkerchiefs.

What movies a girl should watch?

Of course, have many favorite films that cause nostalgia. Movies like "the Fifth element" or "Beauty" fits perfectly.

You can also choose from the classic and beloved romantic comedies, leaving behind a trail of lightness and romance.
The perfect example of such movie is "love actually."

Consider options for multi-part movies that allow you for several evenings not to wonder to see. "Star wars" George Lucas or "Taxi" by Luc Besson will be very useful. Perhaps your choice will fall not on the multi-movie and TV series. Now there are many high quality and interesting TV shows for every taste. Then you really will not have long to suffer the problem of choice.

Another safe bet is a Soviet movie. Kind, funny and so favorite since childhood, domestic movie surely won't let you "miss" with the choice. Variants of Soviet films that we can confidently recommend to view incredible variety: "Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession", "Girls", "the diamond arm" and hundreds of films able to please even the most discerning viewer.

Advice 2 : What kind of film you can watch alone with a guy

Watching a movie - the best choice for your date. But you need very careful approach to the selection of a suitable film. Because this may depend on whether you continue to date or not. That is why, choosing a movie to watch, you need to consider the tastes of both partners. If you don't know the preferences of your boyfriend, give preference to the checked versions of the paintings.
What kind of film you can watch alone with a guy

Which movies are more suitable for viewing with a guy

Recently the world of cinema has changed a lot. The movies became not just a way to kill time, and the ability to know your loved one better. To learn about his character, you can be on film that he likes. The guy's romantic nature, he might be happier romance. But if he is very positive, with good sense of humor, he can come to taste the variety of Comedy.

A list of the movies with a guy

Option 1. "Rules of removal: method hitch". This movie is great for watching together. The plot of the film is that the main character works as a matchmaker and tries to find many people their half. But then suddenly he meets the journalist Sara. At this point his life changes dramatically. Thanks to comic moments in the film, you will be able to laugh together heartily.
One of the advantages of film "Rules of removal: method hitch", which is celebrated in various reviews, is a brilliant game of will Smith and Eva Mendez.

Option 2. Avatar. This film was made very efficiently with the use of a sufficient number of special effects. The plot revolves around the inhabitants of the planet Pandora and the main character. The film has a very closely intertwined relationship between humans and mother earth. If your young person likes science fiction, he might like this film.

Option 3. If you are married, it is better to watch "fast and furious". In this crime Thriller played by famous actors VIN Diesel and Paul Walker. The film tells about the difficult fate of street racers who get themselves into trouble. The film also contains the shooting and the relationship between people. This movie is recommended to view in good quality.
If you want to continue the dialogue after the movie "Avatar", watch the time, because the movie goes for two hours.

Option 4. It is worth mentioning the good Comedy Robert Luketic called "the Naked truth". The film tells about the difficult relations between people. The plot revolves around a woman who works as a producer of the morning show. It can easily get out of any situation. However, she suddenly is having problems in his personal life. And then it comes to the aid of her colleague, whom ironically she just can't handle.

Choosing a movie to watch with a guy, know this: if you really love him, he is still what to watch. The main thing that you were there.
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