If you decide to watch at night, a romantic Comedy, the first film, recommended viewing - "to Lose a guy in 10 days". The main character of this picture is a young talented journalist of a popular glossy publishers. She decided to write an article about how you can get rid of a guy in just 10 days, and does so based on personal experience. Girl fall in love with a young man and trying to ruin their relationship, but she has no idea that he was also involved in one interesting bet.
"The girl of my best friend" - a Comedy released in 2008. The events in the film begin to develop pretty obvious: the guy is crazy in love with a girl who treats him as a friend. In the head inconsolable man comes a great idea: he decides to ask his friend to arrange a girl the worst date in her life, but his plan didn't work.
In 2011, he was filmed painting "Sex on friendship". Thanks to it the spectator can reflect on the theme of friendship between lovers. The film has sufficiently high ratings as it is very sweet and romantic.
If you love to tickle your nerves before sleep can watch not a love story, a film from the horror genre. In the latest in the world removed a lot of horror films, and it is impossible to tell which one is the worst. The first film, which you can see at night, is called "100 feet". This is the story of Marnie Watson, who long ago killed his wife of a sadistic and spent during this period. She goes free, but her leg is attached a bracelet that gives the woman to leave the territory with a radius of 100 feet. At this time, the house begins to see the Ghost of her dead husband.
In 2005 Director Tim Sullivan took another horror film called "2001 maniac". This is a story about a group of young people who during the holidays decided to go travelling and stopped in a small town, whose inhabitants were very hospitable. The young people are invited to the feast and tried to fulfill any of their whims, but in fact it was not as good as initially seemed.
Another old, but interesting enough horror film was released in 1973. The Director was Nicolas roeg. This film tells the story of the spouses of Bakstera, who recently lost a daughter and their marriage started to crack. To forget her grief, the couple moved to live in Venice, but this move has not only been a relief, but also brought new troubles and secrets.