What is buckwheat husks

After the harvest of buckwheat are harvested from fields, it is sent for further processing at bakeries. There is the kernel of the cereals are washed, then dried and threshed to remove the husks. These wastes are called husk, which is then used as eco-friendly and hypoallergenic filler for pillows and mattresses.

Bedding filled with buckwheat husks was used for centuries in those regions of Russia where they grow this grass. They were especially comfortable because these mattresses and pillows it was not necessary to periodically clean or wash was used only one year, from harvest to harvest. With the same frequency content of mattress covers and pillowcases were replaced with new.

The advantages of pillow buckwheat hull

In addition it's eco-friendly natural material, does not cause allergic reactions, pillows, stuffed evenly they have orthopedic properties, it takes the shape of your head and keeping it and the spine during sleep, allowing you to completely relax all the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle. Due to their orthopaedic qualities, a pillow made of buckwheat husk will provide you a comfortable position and relaxing deep sleep.
Comfortable head position while sleeping, which provides the pillow with buckwheat hull that helps get rid of snoring.

The advantage of such pillows is that they are microscopic mites that are literally swarming in of down and feather products. The products of these mites that enter the human body if inhaled, can cause great harm and trigger allergic attacks.

Using such a pillow, you will be able to secure a regular point massage of biologically active points located on the neck and shoulders. Buckwheat hulls that will have an impact on them even through the dense fabric of the cover. Benefit is high, you will forget about the headache, such as massage quickly restore the microcirculation of blood and lymph in the vessels of the brain, helps normalize blood pressure and relieve chronic fatigue, which affects residents of cities.
Orthopedic mattresses and pillows made of buckwheat husks can be purchased in stores that sell organic products and to order online.

The disadvantages of the pillows made of buckwheat husk

The only drawback of these pillows can be attributed to their short shelf life product can be used no longer than 1-1. 5 years. But since their cost is relatively low, from 350 rubles, to replace end-of-century cushion new – not such a big price healthy and sound sleep.