You will need
  • - non-aggressive detergents;
  • - soft foam sponge;
  • - special cases for storage.
For the production of orthopedic pillows use fillers, designed with the latest technology, making these products do not require special care, but still experts recommend to follow when using them certain rules: after a dream do not cover the orthopedic pillow with a blanket so as not to disturb the natural ventilation products, as well as definitely once a week ventilate it outdoors (e.g. balcony).
Use an orthopedic pillow only for its intended purpose and only in relation to the part of the body for which it is designed. Jumping on the surface of the product, the location of any heavy objects falling, etc. can destroy the evenly distributed structure of the filler and lead to further incompetence orthopedic pillows.
Another important point of care for orthopedic pillows — wash. Covers such products are usually made of natural material, so you can wash them as needed at a temperature of 40-60oC and dried in the usual way.
If filling your orthopedic pillow is the buckwheat husk, wash it, and even watering is absolutely impossible — avoid contact of the product with water and ventilate it regularly. During the first two weeks of using such orthopedic pillow require treatment with a vacuum cleaner, about 1 every two weeks, and then will be quite thoroughly vacuuming them only 1 time per month.
It is not recommended to expose the wash (as machine and manual) orthopedic pillows from natural latex or memorexa. In order to remove impurities from such products, use a damp sponge or aggressive detergent: just gently wipe the surface of the cushion, then rinse with cool water. It does not squeeze and twist the product. It is best to put it between two large towels and a little pressure. Prior to re-use the pillow dry thoroughly for 12 hours away from heating appliances and direct sunlight. In addition, before washing or wash orthopedic pillow, be sure to read the instructions from the manufacturer shows all the important information to care for her.
Store orthopedic pillows only in special cases of loose material, which have a structure allowing air to freely enter the case and to circulate there. But plastic bags to store the products categorically do not fit, as they have no natural ventilation.