How not to be mistaken with a choice

растояние от казани до тулы

It is considered that there are two kinds of foxes: smooth and hairy. The latter, by the way, beauty does not differ, because their fur is more like bristles: the hair is thick and long with an undercoat, but they are very hard, and therefore not bristle and glisten. This coat is the first sign of a wild Fennec Fox.

Fence selection are displayed in the nurseries, which in Russia very few. The thing is that some time ago this animal was listed in the Red book, and today it is illegal to export from territory of Africa, so buy a Fox is not easy.

No large kennels, they are all private, known only 2 Urals: Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk, though there is evidence that in the homes of citizens has approximately 1,500 Fenech, who are in their reproductive years, so he was able to produce offspring and become the beginning of a new private nursery African foxes.

All these circumstances, and the fact that animals require special care and nutrition make a purchase Fenech very expensive. Wild puppy is from 20 000 rubles, the puppy from the kennel – from 50 000 rubles, domesticated in 3000$.

Where and how to buy

Рыба-капля - чудо природы

Buy Fenech difficult because of the large number of scammers who profit from selling animals. So, the Internet is full of ads about puppies at a lower price. However, none of the agents will not agree to bring you to the nursery. This is the first sign that Fenech or not at all (a client just want to take the money and disappear), or you will bring the wild Fox, which, believe me, will turn your house upside down and slip away at the first opportunity.
Breeder it is important to give the animal to a reliable hand so that the Fox are not killed and was not returned to the kennel.

Unfortunately, these kennels do not advertise themselves, and work primarily with a narrow range of people who are really passionate about the African Bolsheviki chanterelles. To search contacts in social networks, for example, in "Vkontakte" there is a group of fans of Fenech. To purchase the Fox from a litter is unlikely to succeed, but often owners who are unable to live with a hyperactive creature, put up for sale their Pets.

If you managed to find the contacts of the nursery, be sure to go there, don't settle for the shipping of the beast, no breeder will not carry the product, so it is not accepted, besides the Fox – the animal kind, and the breeder will investigate you as much as you do Fox!
It is important to remember that the Fenech – social animals, they do not tolerate separation from the hosts and his chosen, chosen at a very young age. So the Fox usually sell a couple.

A little easier to find the Fox in the Ukraine. Ukrzoo openly offers their fence, but they are not very appreciated on the market due to the objective of incest.