And you can still contact the Bank for the second loan, only to another. In this case there are some tricks. For example, the first loan you took out in a large and stable Bank, such as Sberbank, the second loan, you must try to get in a smaller regional Bank. In this Bank to obtain the necessary amount much easier.

You must take into account that all loans are Bank products and if you ask the loan to other use, that is, the probability to obtain approval. Also, the financial institution will go forward if the first loan is paid on time.

As an alternative, you can consider the proposals of banks that offer quick loans. These institutions will be asked to show a passport. No help from place of work and the guarantors are not required, credit history is not checked. But not everything is as good as it might seem at first glance, the interest rate on the loan is big.

Alternatively, you can use the services of Lombard, in the presence of liquid assets. Pawnshops have always enjoyed great popularity. That may be easier to come with a gold thing and in return get the money? In this case, nobody is interested in the presence of existing loans and credit history.

It turns out currently to obtain a second loan is not difficult.

If obtaining a second loan is necessary to assess their financial capabilities and make the payment on time.