First check the things that you are going to buy, unevenly painted areas or small holes - these are the most common defects.

Latex - a material famous for its elasticity, so it may seem that he is stretching, but actually it is not! The majority of latex endure the sprain is very bad, so when choosing things to pay special attention to the size - if it fits the thing you need.

Care of things from latex:

1. After wet processing, it is necessary to give the product to dry.

2. New clothes made of latex, usually covered with talcum powder before using things are better cleaned with cloth dampened with water soft cloth or rag.

3. Apply on the inner part of the clothes talc.

4. Apply the product outside layer is a special Polish for latex to protect it from the adverse effects of the environment, giving a characteristic luster.

5. Latex is sensitive to tension, to put a thing carefully, if necessary - apply the talcum powder and body.

6. Do not wash latex clothing! Simply rinse it after wearing soap with warm water, then dry and store in a straightened condition.

In General, use a piece of latex, you should be careful, because under the terms of the sale of such things, to exchange it back you will fail.