Advice 1: Beautiful abandoned places of Rostov-na-Donu

The old part of any city a much more interesting ultramodern skyscrapers. Here you can see the unique architecture and just feel the spirit of antiquity.
Beautiful abandoned places of Rostov-na-Donu
1. Paramonov's warehouses (Beregovaya 47-51). Some of them restaurerede, part is used for shops and the exhibition of wax figures, and some continue to slowly deteriorate. Warehouses were built in Rostov the dealer for grain storage. With troughs, which allowed spring water, which is year-round not exceeding 9 degrees, in the warehouses to maintain a constant low temperature, favorable for grain storage. These natural springs still gush from the walls of buildings. In winter, the spring does not freeze, and the grass next to - green all year round. The warehouse is bathed by many locals, and even made a makeshift pool by closing holes in the wall and cleared the bottom. The architecture of the warehouses is very interesting. They are a monument of Federal importance really care for them only local volunteers. Warehouses can meet a lot of old red bricks with stamps. In the daytime a good place for walks and photo shoots.

2. Abandoned pool "Spartak" (Bogdanowski descent 1B), he is also a former Dolphinarium. The building consists of three floors plus basement. A feature of this pool was the water - it was there Bogdanovskaja a spring, which in the 19th century was fed by the city water system. The building itself is built of big old bricks. But gradually destroyed, although it is still possible to see remnants of the interesting architecture and unusual columns in the building.

3. The house of architect Grigorian (St. Murlycheva, 22/11, St. 20-ya Liniya). Mansion of the 19th century. Although the house is unguarded and vengeance are vandals, yet beautiful elements yet remained. In the house, you can meet interesting findings from former tenants. And also to see a unique stucco and remains of the former luxury.

4. The river loading point ( from the Coastal 71 down-to - Donu). The former cargo terminal and supporting the bulls loading conveyor mill Paramonova. The structure of two towers and a metal jumper between them . There's also a number of abandoned Flour mill and the bridge mounted conveyor (loading and milling plant).

5. Graveyard train (stop "Rostov West"). 7 is a parallel railway lines with standing on them trains with 50 years and our time. The condition of many cars is still quite decent, so there often like to take photos. Locomotives, railcars, locomotives waiting for the renovation to take its place in the railway Museum. But instead of rusting here and most likely will go under the knife.

Advice 2: What is interesting in Rostov-na-Donu

Rostov — the city called "Gates of the Caucasus", the "southern capital" and "Dad." What is interesting in this city and that should definitely look at, we will discuss in this article.
What is interesting in Rostov-na-Donu
Rostov-na-Donu Orthodox

In Rostov-on-don Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin, and also there are 41 Orthodox Church. The oldest of them built in 1904, the Holy Alexandrine Church. In addition to Orthodox churches in the city there are Armenian and Catholic churches, a Buddhist centre, a synagogue and a mosque.

Rostov-on-don cultural

Museum, railway Museum, Museum of brewing history, the Museum of the history of law enforcement, space Museum, Museum of fine arts — it's all there in our city. Theatre-lovers will not feel bored: Academic theater of M. Gorky Academic youth theatre, musical theatre, private theatres, and the puppet theatre will delight you and your children. There are more than 10 cinemas ("Large", "Rostov", "Charlie", "Luxor", "Kinomax"), many of them include several room. There is also a drive-in theater for 100 cars.

Rostov-on-don youth

The city constantly hosts festivals, concerts, theme parties. Clubs a huge number, and everyone will find something to your taste. The largest and most interesting: But, A-ZONE, Tesla, "Bass Bochka", "21", "People", "Med", "Subway".

Rostov-on-don for a family holiday

In Rostov there is a zoo, Botanical garden, Dolphinarium, numerous recreation on the left Bank of the don and many parks ("Pleven", "bitter", "Tale", "Friendship", "1 may", "Ostrovsky", "Viti cherevichkina). Also in the area of SEL'mash has children's railway. It can take both adults and children. Kids will love the "Touching zoo", which is located in the center of Lugansk, and Rostov State circus.

Rostov-on-don sports

Rostov is well-developed Amateur and professional sports. Two major stadium "Olympus-2" and "SKA SKVO will delight football matches. Ice skating on indoor (Ice Palace, shopping Mall "Rio", the water Park "Octopuses, shopping center "Babylon", "Ledograd" in the Park of the Revolution) and outdoor (Park Skazka) ice rinks. In the city of more than 10 swimming pool, rowing club, indoor and outdoor water parks, basketball and volleyball courts. On the waterfront there is free exercise equipment.

Rostov-on-don architectural

The entire old center of Rostov-na-Donu is a collection of interesting historical monuments. Houses are built in different styles and restaurerede the same. Interesting to visit the former apartment building. And you can just walk around the courtyards from Bolshaya Sadovaya street to the embankment.

Rostov-on-don scientific

The city's 39 universities, in which students from all over the southern Federal district. If you want to choose a institution for the higher, second higher or professional education, be sure to explore the institutions and universities.

Monuments of Rostov-on-don

The city is rich in monuments and memorials. They are located in different parts of the city. On the waterfront many sculptures such as "Father don", "Rostovchanka", "Grigory and Aksinya in a boat", "Artist", "Fisherman", etc. the Monument "Tachanka" was met at the entrance from the South. The monument to the "Strike of 1902," stands at the entrance into the Western Residential area". Stella at the Theatre square became the visit card of the city. In this city there is something to see and where to pictures. Pushkinskaya pedestrian street is sure to enjoy at any time of the year.
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