To make a cake out of diapers with their hands, take the dish for cake with a low side. Use disposable bakeware. Set in the centre of the bowl a bottle of champagne to multi-tier structure is quite strong. Champagne can be replaced by a high a bottle for the baby, a tube of cardboard or any solid Foundation.
Spin the diapers into tubes, starting with the drop-down part and bundle with rubber bands for money. Expose them standing around the frame circles. The number of diapers will vary depending on the size of cake you want to. Ready tie layer for strength with a thin ribbon.
Make a second and optionally subsequent tiers of the cake out of diapers.
To cake looked more naturally, and gently, cut from beautiful fabrics with children's drawings ribbon the size of the tiers, wrap the edges. Decorate each tier of satin ribbon with a beautiful bow. For these purposes you can also use diapers and towels that will be useful to mom and baby.
Attach to the cake and various things needed for the baby. It can be small toys, rattles, teethers, pacifiers, skin care and hygiene of the bottle. If the budget allows, you can put on top of the cake of diapers more expensive gifts. For example, the baby monitor.
The cake also can be decorated with all sorts of bows, ribbons, feathers, beads. It all depends on your imagination and possibilities.
So you made a cake out of diapers with their hands. Install it with a dish on a square of transparent wrapping foil, tie the top of the package and tighten with a beautiful ribbon.