You will need
  • - fiberglass;
  • - wood particle Board;
  • - wooden plank;
  • - sculptural clay;
  • - silicone or polyurethane;
  • glue.
Prepare the container for pouring. Use any reasonably stiff material, for example, fiberglass, chipboard, wood plank, and even elements of children's designer "LEGO". Sometimes you can pick up and ready shape , or a box of suitable size. If necessary, clean the parts of the future container from dust and possible contaminants.
Connect the details of any shell with glue. The problem is that the container had no cracks and is firmly held as a unit. It is most convenient to connect the pieces of the shell with a glue melt, seasoned in a special gun.
Take nezaterdevshej sculptural clay and evenly lay it to half of the container. The clay is too sticky, so its use is not recommended. Make sure that the surface of the clay smooth and has no cracks.
Prepared in the clay, place the product model. With a pencil make the castles in the form of holes. They needed to in the manufacture of castings in the further part of the form has not changed.
Measure out the necessary amount of forming material. It is possible to calculate the size of the container. You can also fill the container the bulk material, and then pour it in a measuring device for volume determination.
The surface of the model oil separation grease. Silicone grease for the same shape cannot be used. Best suited soap, and fat or wax lubricant.
Mix the components of the molding material in a constant ratio (it is usually indicated in the instructions). Slowly pour part of the contour of the shell in a thin stream. Do this slowly and carefully so as not to cause bubbles.
Wait until the top of the form cured. Then completely remove the clay, being careful not to damage the surface.
Again oil the surface of the model and the form, including locks. Prepare a molding material. When fully cured forms reanimate it apart and remove it from the model of the product. Form ready for casting.
Now connect parts of the resulting shape, tightly pressed to each other. Prepare a gypsum composition and use it for making the desired casting.