Increased tone home remedies

One of the most effective ways to improve overall health individually are exercise, and contrast showers. Regular load on all muscles help to pull the skin, blood vessels, muscles and joints.
Classic douche strengthens the nervous system and elevates mood. If for any reason it is contraindicated, you can pour in the morning with warm water. The same purpose is promoted and baths with sea salt with herbal extracts or aromatic oils.
Make holyblue bath must be no more than twenty minutes. The temperature of the water should not be heated over 40oC.

Regular walks in the fresh air, trips out of town on nature, seasonal skiing, skating or Cycling – these classes not only raise the General spirit, but also bring a huge positive charge and energy.

If the lower tone is seasonal, it is recommended to include in the diet as much as possible green vegetables: broccoli, celery, lettuces, parsley, bell pepper and others. Do not forget the sauerkraut. It contains a huge bunch of vitamin and amino acids.
You need to reexamine your daily routine and to devote to rest and sleep a sufficient amount of time. Good sleep – the guarantee of health.

Tools for rapid toning

To recuperate after an illness, or simply strengthen the body in the winter, you can prepare a tasty and useful mixture:

- natural honey;
- lemon;
- walnuts;
- dried apricots.

The amount of each ingredient is desire. But a lemon it is recommended to take not more than one item. Shelled walnuts and lemon directly to the skin is passed through a meat grinder. Add chopped apricots and raisins, pour honey. All mixed together. This mixture can be taken on a tablespoon before eating.

Well improves skin tone herbal tea that can be consumed up to three times a day. For cooking this means you need to take in different parts:

- St. John's wort;
of oregano;
- Melissa;
- peppermint;
- the leaves of black currant.

Tablespoon of herb mixture pour a glass of boiling water and infused for about ten minutes.
Quickly return to a functional state can: cranberry juice, pumpkin juice, drinking morning smoothies.

Aromatherapy as a means of raising vitality

Well relaxes and calms the nervous system breathing exercises, combined with aromatherapy essential oils. The concentration of active substances and resins contained in oils, beneficial effects on the respiratory system and the functioning of the heart and blood vessels.