Advice 1: How to make a car out of LEGO

Lego – a welcome gift for a child, especially for boys who really like to build him a building, collect model cars, aircraft and other equipment. You can teach a child to build the machine according to the attached instructions or on your own using available parts.
How to make a car out of LEGO
Open the box of the purchased set or inspect it from all sides. You'll find detailed instruction for step-by-step process of Assembly. Please observe all instructions and teach you how to do this, as often the sets are quite complex.
If you can't find the user manual in the box, refer to the official builds on the website Lego or look for Amateur scanned and drawn descriptions. Pay attention to the details that are used in various sets, and make sure that you have everything you need. You can buy a box of "Freestyle" - a variety of details that apply for creating all kinds of design options.
Lay out all of the details that will be used in the production of a car in groups. The first of these take often ready to wheel and parts for mounting them to the axle and the underbody of the car. To build the body you will need several rectangular and square blocks, and included the door on the hinges. Look for in a set of bumpers for the trunk, flat or slightly convex roof, plastic glass.
Attach two wheels to two axes – thin and elongated blocks. On top of them install one or two flat blocks to get something resembling a cart. Attach to the sides of the doors are on hinges and the front windshield. Of several cubical blocks construct trunk and engine compartment. Install the remaining glasses and put them on top of the roof.
Complete your car to a few parts in for beauty. For example, round and colorful details-the buttons can be used to create a headlight and tail light, tires and ornament. Add optional spare tire in the trunk, the antenna, or put the driver inside, if space permits.

Advice 2: How to make a car out of the box

In each house there are boxes of shoes, household appliances and other goods. Some throw away unnecessary packaging; more enterprising owners use it on the farm and even the master of her crafts. Cardboard can be cut a variety of shapes, beautifully decorate the box and are not afraid of damage – to get material for new creations in any store (and sometimes free). Try to make a car out of the box – even if the toy breaks or you get bored with your child, it will be easy to alter or replace a new one.
How to make a car out of the box
You will need
  • - cardboard box (one or several);
  • - long scissors and a nail;
  • - wire;
  • a pair of compasses;
  • - pliers;
  • - colored paper;
  • foil;
  • - gouache and brush;
  • - paper glue;
  • - 4 plastic or paper plates;
  • - nut and bolt;
  • - toy steering wheel.
All separate side cover from a cardboard box. For making toy cars you will approach the packaging of any size with thick walls.
Draw with a compass on the cut off lids four identical mug. It wheels future homemade toys. In the center of the sketched circle do through holes sharp nail scissors.
Flip the box upside down and mark on the sides of the point of the wire rods, which you will stick the wheels. They must be on the same level, so calculate everything exactly. Do a small through-hole in the box and paste the wire. Axis need to make a long (width of the box plus 10 cm – 5 on each side) to provide headroom for the subsequent fixation.
Nanizhite cardboard wheel for wire rods and check if they rotate freely. Now carefully secure them by screwing from the front side of each "bus" wire for a coil. For this it is convenient to use the pliers.
Make Windows and a door from colored paper, and lights – out foil. Relive crafts applique. On Windows, you can stick paper figures of men or animals. You got a fun and easy to manufacture bus.
Take another smaller box, if you want to make a cardboard car with the body. "Cabana" flip top, "the body" is down bottom. This way attach the wheels, attach the paper parts. Part of a homemade machine staple wire, twisted at both ends of the grip.
Glue a few cardboard boxes of bright colored paper and attach to each other "wagons". Wheel you can do this – this hilarious train can be used to store a variety of children's things: books, toys, and more.
Finally, a homemade cabin out of the box can be put on a future motorist and send it to "trip". To do this, remove side cover packing, cut out in the bottom of the hole for the head and decorate a cardboard car. Paint it with gouache, glue the doors and lights. Wheels make decorative, attaching small screws, two disposable plates of paper or plastic on each side. For completeness, give the child a toy in the hands of the wheel, or glue it with your hands from the cut caps.
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