Advice 1: How to cleanse the body of toxins

Slagging the body leads to various problems related to health. Harmful toxins and toxins clog up the internal system, disrupting normal metabolic processes.
cleansing the body

Common causes of slagging

The accumulation of toxins in the body is influenced by the following factors:
unfavorable ecological situation;
- frequent overeating and the consumption of large amounts of proteins, animal fats, starch;
- low physical activity;
- bad habits and other.
For effective cleaning of the body need fresh air, exercise, antiparasitic products, observance of the daily routine.

Effective ways of cleansing

The first method of getting rid of toxins – fasting. With food in the human body gets a huge amount of harmful substances that interfere with the functioning of internal organs. Proper fasting allows you to remove excess toxins without any harm. For this reason, the diet should not reach fanaticism, as it is impossible to put the body at risk. Enough to withstand 1-2 days or regularly fasting days on vegetables, fruits or yogurt. Fasting restores microflora that improves the condition of skin, hair, nails, joints.
For best results, it is recommended to Supplement the starvation of physical exercises that accelerate the process of withdrawal of toxins.

Purification with activated carbon – a fairly common method for home use. The secret concludes that coal acts as a filter sucking all the harmful substances. After that, he goes from the body, cleansing it from accumulated dirt. How to make coal? The course lasts 2 weeks. The number of tablets is calculated according to a simple scheme: 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight. To take this amount of activated charcoal twice a day, definitely with water for absorption by the body.

Purification of the oats allows you to not only get rid of toxins and harmful substances, but also to lose weight. The useful properties of grain are used in different areas: in cooking, nutrition, cosmetology. Take oatmeal diet a duration of 5 days or once a week to arrange fasting days, during which use only oatmeal. Moreover, the porridge not add salt, sugar, butter, milk.

You can clear the body of the child or adult is purgative and cholagogue means. The most famous collection of dandelion root, birch buds, bark of buckthorn, Helichrysum. 1 tbsp of dry mix to pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for hours. Make the facility one third of a Cup three times a day. Before taking consult, as there are contraindications.

Remember not to get carried away cleansing enemas, as it leads to the disruption of the natural microflora and the emergence of dysbiosis. With frequent use the muscles of the bowel cease to work independently. It is better to replace enema for herbal broth with a laxative effect.

Advice 2: How to remove the female body from toxins

The state of women's organism depends on the action of external factors – the environment, quality of water and food, presence of stress and their degree of intensity and so the Excretion of toxins will help to get rid of excess weight, skin problems, and normalizes the function of internal organs.
How to remove the female body from toxins
Be sure to prepare for cleansing. The day before the purification of the body , you must restrict diet, arrange a discharge day, or avoid dinner. Regardless of the choice of purification method of preparation is necessary – you can go to the bath or sauna.
Choose soft methods of purification. Radical cleaning methods can cause hormonal imbalance that the female body is undesirable. Why choose gentle and long lasting on the effects of methods aimed at the gradual cleansing diet, fasting, taking laxatives infusions, etc.
Be sure to adjust the diet. This is important from the point of view of ensuring a smooth entry and exit from the detoxification program – you must keep purified for as long as possible. Therefore, gradually give up fat and sweet foods, increase the proportion of vegetables and fruit, clean water and green tea, get rid of canned and smoked products.
Drink cleansing teas. This is one of the main methods of purification of the body is prepare herbal teas on your own or buy a ready-made compositions. The spectrum of action of herbal extracts wide – they remove salt, excess fluids, normalize digestion and metabolism, cleanse the intestines and remove toxins.
Increase consumption of clean water. To the toxins out of the body quicker and more active, it is necessary to provide suitable conditions – increased daily water consumption will help to get rid of the waste substances. If you add water to the lemon juice you get a lovely tonic, cleansing the blood, intestines and stomach.
Take baths for weight loss. Choose the composition that you simply properly prepared – it can be herbal extracts, milk, salt and soda, turpentine emulsion, mustard powder, etc. Adhere to the terms of the baths, and you will notice how clean was the your skin and losing a few pounds will be an additional reward.
Use the adsorbents. Substances that can bind and remove toxins, should be applied courses, and it is desirable to choose those compounds which are not eluted useful minerals from the body.
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