Free Chinese Cultural center

Chinese cultural center is always glad to new guests. Here you can not only practice language, but also to learn about China, its customs and traditions. There is a center in the building of the Mining University, near the metro station "Oktyabrskaya". Classes in Chinese language are held 2 times a week, however, they are only free for students. But the most successful students have the opportunity to go on internship in China - it is also free. In addition, the Cultural center has a wide variety of training courses: cooking, martial arts, paper-cut, painting and calligraphy. Also, there are regularly held viewings of Chinese cinema.
In the Chinese language several thousand characters, but for basic communication is enough to study about a hundred.

Communication with native speakers

In Moscow there are a lot of Chinese. According to its national temperament, they are very sociable and are happy to take part in a training meeting. The easiest way to get to such a meeting with Chinese students studying Russian as a foreign language. For them, communication with you will be a kind of practice. Meetings are usually conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, participants watch a movie and discuss it, play team games, go for a walk. In General, such training is very lively and fun. To learn about meetings of the social networks or on the websites of universities where there are faculties for foreign citizens.

University of Dmitry Pozharsky - Chinese for every taste

The concept of the University is to "combat Turmoil", that is, with ignorance. When establishing plenty of free evening courses including Chinese language. Unlike other places of learning, there is a clear division in the group begins and continues. In addition to the initial language course, you can learn the history of Chinese literature, or to take more challenging science classical Chinese language Wenyan. Classes are held for one to two semesters once a week, in the evening.
In order to become a student of the course, you need to fill out an application on the University website.

Trial lessons at language schools

If you are still in doubt whether you should learn Chinese, take a trial lesson in one of the language schools. Them in the capital very much, and you will easily find a suitable course close to home. The trial lesson, usually free. On them you will get acquainted with the system of learning the basics of Chinese grammar and learn a few simple sentences. Also, when schools often work clubs and there are team games.