First, the vitamins can be obtained from food and from pills. A very widespread opinion that the vitamins supplied to the body in a natural way, healthier and better digested. This is not so. Scientists have proved that the activity of the substances obtained by different means, the same. So the absorption of natural vitamins is faster compared to synthetic.
Secondly, a full range of vitamins to obtain from nature even more difficult. This is because in vegetables and fruits vitamins exist in bound form, and they are worse absorbed than the chemical counterparts. People should support your body with the help of pharmaceutical tools. This does not apply to just one vitamin E. the synthetic form, it is less active than natural.
To obtain all necessary vitamins from natural foods is not easy because during the process they lose many useful properties. This applies to cooking on the fire, and oiliness. But there is a way which not only preserves the vitamins, but leads them to a more active form, – pickling. This means that in sauerkraut vitamins than fresh, and they absorbed better.
It is important to know that absorption of vitamins is affected by their work. Some substances work well and complement each other, others prevent the absorption, inhibit their antagonists. Use of antagonistic substances, you will not harm their health, but will not help. In this case, you're just going to use a pacifier, as in the body vitamins just neytralizuya. Especially a lot of antagonists are vitamin B12, calcium and iron.
Finally, the absorption of vitamins affects the time at which you take them. It is best to consume vitamins in the morning rather than the evening, when the body is tired and prepares for sleep. And don't forget to do it during a meal. Absorption of vitamins is going to happen better, like a dietary Supplement.