The bumper of the vehicle when operating the vehicle suffers the most. Did not notice the small yard fence – scratch. Awkward turned into the Parking lot, touched the adjacent car wash. And such troubles can be many. The result is the appearance of the bumper is not so attractive. Yes, and minor defects are quite detrimental to the paint coating of the car. So, to repair the bumper is a must.

Repair and paint the bumper

The defects on the bumper, especially shallow, in most cases, be corrected by grinding and staining detail. If the scratch is deeper, it is necessary to connect and sealing. But painting in any case can not be avoided.

It's better to paint the bumper from the professionals, as they have a suitable room for this, and equipment you need. In addition, all work performed professionals give a guarantee.

Below the painting of the bumper was made according to the rules, you must comply with a whole algorithm. To begin with, the car is cleaned from dirt and dust. Then repaired the damage. This can be straightening of the defect, if any, alignment of the geometry of the body putty, primer, etc.

After applying the putty to have a spot repair sanding to avoid the appearance of irregularities and nodules on the bumper.

We apply a base and then paint the detail. Then comes the process of drying and the application of Polish.
The observance of this algorithm will help to avoid sagging paint. And the transitions between the borders paintable and non-paintable surface will not be noticeable.

The cost of painting the bumper

The cost to paint the bumper on the average is in the range of 5000-6000 R. the Price may increase depending on different nuances. For example, if the repair was difficult, or the damage was not only on the bumper, but on the wings, the cost of the painting will rise.
The final cost you calculate only on the basis of inspection of the vehicle and budgeting of planned works.

Work with plastic bumper

A particular challenge can cause staining of the plastic bumper. This is due to the fact that when applying the paint on the plastic it can give a slightly different color than the one was when applying the same paint on the metal.

Therefore, in this situation special, it is important to choose only the best quality materials and the most professional craftsmen. How much will it cost to paint the bumper on the car will entirely depend on these parameters.

If you follow the simple recommendations and to seek timely in the repair services, your car will always be as good as new.