Prepare the room in which to live baby. It must be light and comfortable. If necessary, have to do easy cosmetic repairs. When the room is ready, start it up.
The most important piece of furniture for the baby will be the crib. The cot should be in the same room where parents sleep. Cot will need quite a few components.

You must also purchase a mattress, preferably an orthopedic, which is designed for the little ones. Children will need bedding. The house must be at least two sets for replacement. Pillow child until needed, but warm and soft blanket even very useful. The crib of the newborn is taken to cover the canopy and it will also need the holder.

To calm a toddler, distract his attention and to lull just before sleep, need mobile. Before you buy it, pre-listen to the melody it will play. The tune should be tranquil and pleasant.
To store baby clothes, you will need a spacious chest of drawers. Very often, the dresser comes with a changing table, which is very convenient for parents. If no table, you can buy a separate Board for swaddling. Some parents and not need it, because all the procedures they carry out on the large bed. The room should be light with very soft and dim light, not to cut the eyes baby.
Now fill the chest with things. First of all, the baby will need diapers (preferably more than 10). In the wardrobe of the smallest family member needs to be vests, Romper, bodysuit, socks, lightweight hats, etc. Each type of clothing should be in a few instances, because often have to change. Will need clothing for both the street and walks.
Daily routine for baby bathing. While a newborn is still too small, he bought a separate tub and slide, which will be based on the child while bathing. there are anatomical bath in which the slide is already provided.

To control the temperature of the water must be a water thermometer. For swimming you need to purchase a special tool for the little ones. After bathing your baby will need a warm towel, preferably hooded.
The kid is going to need daily care, for example, handling the umbilical wound, cleaning the nose and ears, etc. For all treatments the child will need baby cream, baby powder, cotton swabs with limiter, wet wipes for kids, baby oil, peroxide, brilliant green.

To comb the child's hair that are down, you need to buy a special soft brush. You will also need special scissors for cutting nails. Be sure to purchase a pacifier, though it may not be necessary in the future, but the case still needs to be.
You will need to purchase feeding bottles - glass and plastic. For washing should be a special brush and detergent for washing children's dishes.

For washing children's clothes will need a separate powder designed specifically for this purpose and a suitable softener.
Don't forget about the toys. While there may be quite a bit, but they will need a rattle, teething toy, musical toy, etc.