Tests for problems with the genitourinary system

The most important analysis for men is semen analysis, which determines sperm motility and, consequently, the ability to conceive children. In addition, this analysis will show the color and viscosity of sperm, its total number and the number of other clinically important parameters. For delivery of the analysis is taken a sperm sample obtained through Masturbation, which the physician examines under the lab microscope and gives a conclusion.

Sperm must pass pre-conception, that in the future the couple had any difficulties with the pregnancy.

Another very necessary for men analysis – to check for infections, sexually transmitted. It is also necessary to take before conception and after unprotected sexual intercourse. In the presence of burning, itching and discharge from the genitals, the testing must occur immediately because advanced chronic infection further threatens serious violations. A man can get prostatitis, infertility, impotence and urological diseases. To study enough to pass a swab from the penis.

Tests for hormones and nutrients

Delivery of analyzes on hormones is recommended if you have sexual dysfunction, deterioration of potency, decreased libido, chronic prostatitis and male menopause. So, at higher levels of the hormone estradiol, it is possible to identify in advance cirrhosis of the liver and first learn the level of testosterone that is responsible for reproductive function. The blood analysis on hormones is dealt in the morning, fasting, Smoking for an hour before the procedure is strictly prohibited.

In addition, these analyses involve the study of prolactin globulin, human chorionic gonadotropin, and follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones.

The tests for nutrients such as micro and macro elements, obligatory for men, because they determine the overall health and potency. The result of this analysis will show whether a man eats, what habits are most harmful to him, are there problems with the body and also whether he is steady to influence of the environment.

In addition to these tests, men need to undergo periodic examination of the thyroid gland, cardiac and fluorography examination, and blood and urine sugar. Because the body everything is connected, monitor is necessary for the entire system, not several separate cogs.