Requirements for antivirus software for laptops

To ensure maximum performance of the portable device while protecting it from various viruses and spyware, you will have to choose the most easy and powerful software solution that will meet your security requirements.

It is important that the utility have the necessary modules for protection. This kit should include the antivirus filter downloaded files. The program should be able to automatically scan the connected removable storage media and to be able to do it without user intervention with minimal impact on the speed of the whole system. Since laptops have weaker equipment than a similar desktop system, it is necessary that the program was not demanding. This is manifested in more rapid response when the scan or downloading documents from the Internet.

It is not necessary to buy or download entire anti-virus software packages that represent a "combine" of firewalls, antiviruses and other modules, is designed more for computer networks or users, whose professional activity is connected with work in potentially dangerous content and software, prone to hacking and virus attacks.
To provide protection on your home laptop will fit the basic package of the antivirus program.

Examples of antiviruses

One of the easiest and popular antivirus software on both the laptops and desktop systems is Dr. Web. The program has all the necessary tools to track potentially dangerous programs that are downloaded by the user from the Internet or via portable media. The utility is able to automatically scan any plug-in data carrier, and automatically check the software for viruses in the background without user intervention and a significant fall in performance. The program uses its own algorithm authorized virus detection, which makes it quite effective.

Another popular program is Avast Free. It gives you the opportunity to receive basic protection for free – you can enjoy all the features of the antivirus utilities that are available to the average user. The app is quite robust, is well suited to protect a home system and does not require any additional actions.
Utility is characterized by a number of settings that are understandable to even the novice computer user.

In the new version of the windows 8 operating system also uses a built-in analysis tool that will be a good solution to protect the laptop. Despite their newness is still quite modest database of recognized viruses, the program looks favorable compared to many other due to the fact that it is fully integrated into the system interface. This means that it does not influence the overall performance of the computer and all actions are performed with just a few clicks in the notification bar, which when it detects potential threats will give the user an appropriate message and will execute the necessary operations to isolate the virus, to protect system data. The program is fairly stable means of security and is already installed on the computer immediately after the installation of Windows, and therefore you do not need to download additional packages and perform the operation on installation.