In most cases, the causative agents of tonsillitis are streptococci, so the main treatment is antibiotic therapy. The choice of drug should be doctor, as the different types of angina treatment is different. Even if after some time the patient will be better, and purulent plugs will eventually disappear, antibiotics should be brought to an end. Otherwise the disease may return only the treatment will be more complex and lengthy.
Local treatment of angina used in combination with antibacterial therapy. Regular gargle the throat with herbal infusions and antiseptics helps to quickly get rid of traffic jams, as the pus during the procedure, rinse and spits. In addition, we should irrigate the throat with the help of various aerosols geksoral, ingalipt, etc.). They reduce the pain when swallowing and accelerate recovery.
Chronic tonsillitis may occur as frequent angina, and a low intensity of the inflammatory process, simply put, pus tubes without additional symptoms. In both cases, the last resort is surgical treatment. But more often it is possible to cope with the disease by conservative methods. Physical therapy often helps to heal, but in combination with her patient have to carry out tempering procedures.
Local treatment of purulent plugs is the washing of the tonsils and subsequent lubrication of their various solutions (Lugol, iodine tincture etc.). The procedure is performed by an audiologist in a medical office. The best effect is achieved when the ten-day course of treatment, but in some cases, your doctor may suggest a different schema.