It just seems that it is enough to buy the right type of motor oil and pour it in the motor. In fact, according to experts, it is necessary to consider many different nuances that can directly affect the health of the engine. For example, the oil must have a sufficiently long shelf life. After all, if it becomes unusable in the process of operation, it can lead to serious problems with the car, until the motor jamming. This is due to the fact that motor oil on the expiration date loses its properties, which help him to stay warm in the cold season.

How to pick the perfect for winter oil

In General, choosing the perfect winter version of the oil - a matter of taste for each car owner. However, there are a number of recommendations of the experts, which is to listen. First and foremost, it is advisable to carefully study the manual for your car. Usually it is a small book that comes with the car to be handed down from owner to owner in case of sale of the vehicle. There is usually the manufacturer specifies the optimum from his point of view, the variant of the engine oil.
If the user in the form of books you have not, do not despair. Today, all necessary information can be found on the Internet. Alternatively, you can visit the authorized dealer of your brand and VIN number to get answers to your questions.

Be sure to review the terminology. Very often motorists do not know what the numbers and letters listed on the label of the oil. And choose its overall performance. Meanwhile, the numbers and letters on the label is very important, because usually they say on the viscosity grade of oil. If you see a jar with oil following markings: 5W-40, 10W-30, etc., this means that before you all year round and it is perfect for summer and for winter. But it is worth considering that the engine in the winter is affected by the first number. And this figure depends on the climatic conditions in which you operate your car. This index usually indicates the lowest temperature at which it is possible to use this type of oil. The variant - a decrease of the coefficient of viscosity in case you don't know what kind of temperature expected in your region.

Try the oil change before the winter not to change the manufacturer. Generally not recommended for the winter to carry out radically shifts the engine oil. However, if there is a need to change tool type, select a product from the same production as the previous one.
Experts recommend to change oil before the cold weather. After all, the oil change is quite stressful for the engine procedure.

Always ensure that the oil, which you pour into the engine, it was quality. Cheaply and poor-quality additives can lead to serious damage and malfunction of the engine.

Oil change in a box and change other transmission fluids

Before winter is also recommended to check the level of all other fluids and tools. For example, brake fluid and oil in the box is recommended to be changed every three years operation of the cars, or if your mileage has more than 60 000 km And do need replacement long before the onset of cold weather.

Of course, this does not mean that you cannot later change the fluid (especially if it is necessary). Just consider that the car is much worse and harder to react to it, because in the winter the load on it increases markedly. Accordingly, try to avoid unnecessary overloading of the motor and the whole car overall, the machine has served you well. Safe vehicle operation is possible only when you are confident in the quality of consumables and service work carried out. Therefore, in order to use it in the winter, will pay enough attention to her in the fall.