Installing crown on a tooth

Today, metal-ceramic crowns are the best solution in terms of aesthetics, strength and value in prosthetics. Inside the crown is cast metal frame with a thickness of 0.3-0.5 mm made of Nickel-chromium or cobalt-chromium alloys.

There are also crowns with a frame made of gold alloy, palladium or platinum, which are mixed in different proportions.

To install a crown, the dentist makes an impression of the tooth and grind dental hard tissue below the crown took its place as accurately as possible. With the possible development of thermal burn pulp of the tooth, which leads to her death and further inflammation, which may appear long after installation of crowns. The gums may redden, it becomes a tumor that contains pus. As a result, had to remove the crown and re-perelechivat teeth.

To prevent this problem, modern dentists before the prosthesis remove the treated tooth and the root canals sealed. Large molars at the same time often manages to leave alive, because they have a large amount of hard tissue and the large size of the crowns. Besides living teeth less susceptible to destruction under the prosthesis.

The cost of installing crowns in modern dentistry

Price-quality crowns made from ceramic Japanese or German made highly qualified doctor-orthopaedist and dental technician is at least six thousand rubles for one denture. Alloy of a crown is the traditional cobalt-chrome.

When you use cheap Russian and Belarusian materials, metal-ceramic crown can be put for the amount of 4,5 thousand rubles per unit.

Ceramic crown on gold-platinum or gold-palladium alloy will cost 9 thousand rubles plus the cost of gold (approximately 65 Euro per gram). Thus, one crown with the cost of gold will cost 17 thousand roubles for one piece. If the prosthesis was performed with a temporary plastic crowns, the price of each metal-ceramic crowns is increasing at 900-1200 rubles.

Despite the relatively high cost of modern metal-ceramic crowns, set them much cheaper to the purse, because, compared to ceramic crowns, their price is quite a compromise.