Advice 1: Where in Ukraine it is better to relax in the summer

Picturesque Ukraine offers many leisure options: it offers tourists the sea, mountains and nature. Good rest in Ukraine will be able and lovers of architecture, and thrill-seekers, and fans of green tourism. In addition, this welcoming country has to offer its guests excellent ski, beach and Spa resorts, as well as a wide variety of historical attractions.
Where in Ukraine it is better to relax in the summer

The mountains and the sea

The perfect choice for a quiet and relaxing pastime are the majestic Carpathian mountains. They are great for both summer and winter holidays, because of the Carpathian nature and fresh healthy air of the mountains go age-old legends. The most beautiful places in the Carpathians are considered to maniava waterfall, Mukachevo castle, a border fortress Tustan, Synevyr lake, the Nevitsky castle and Church in the village Rozhirche. Summer in the mountains you can fish, pick berries, swim in lakes and streams, and you can just enjoy the stay in comfortable hotels and manors.
Going to the Carpathians, remember, reserved tickets for Uzhgorod and Lviv train is often already sold out two weeks before the departure date.

Not lost its popularity and is usually sleepy Crimea, which is in the midst of the holiday season resembles a bustling anthill. In August begins a massive influx of tourists, so the prices of food and accommodation rise sharply up, in stores there are long queues, and the beach is literally nowhere to sit. Therefore it is better to go to the Crimea at the beginning or the middle of summer to get a good and more or less cheap holidays. Young people who like parties, ideal big cities such as Alushta, Yalta, Sudak, while families with children comfortably rest in the Crimean sanatoria and boarding houses.

Regional complexes and ecotourism

A good place to spend summer in Ukraine visiting Poltava, Cherkasy, Vinnytsia and Chernihiv oblast. They have long been renowned for its natural beauty, quiet and peaceful villages, delicious Ukrainian cuisine and the friendliness of the owners of the estates. For fishing and boating, perfect Bank of the river southern Buh in Vinnytsia region, where you can relax in front of the fire, lying on the hay and enjoy the spectacular views.

Chernihiv region is famous for its National historical and cultural reserve "Kachanivka". Beautiful Park and mansion of the reserve is situated on 732 acres where you can ride in the wagon and horses, to fish and walk in a dense forest.
Because parks in Chernihiv region are scattered over a large area, it is better to travel by own car or bike, without relying on local buses.

In Cherkasy region, you will be given the opportunity to live in so-called green tourism and to see the local flavor, which includes the estate Museum of the great Ukrainian poet T. G. Shevchenko, horse riding and Cycling trips.

Advice 2 : The best resort cities of Ukraine

During the holiday season there is always a question of where to spend long-awaited vacation to relax and recover for the next labor feats. In Ukraine there are many beautiful resorts that will be able to evaluate both lovers to relax by the sea and holidaymakers who prefer mountain scenery.
The best resort cities of Ukraine


The seaside resorts of Odessa and the Odessa region are in great demand among tourists who want to enjoy a holiday on the Black sea coast.

Odessa is famous for its stunning combination of sandy beaches, plenty of historical monuments, entertainment for every taste and unique flavor of Odessa. To services of vacationers in the city large selection of hotels and resorts.

Those who like to combine pleasant with useful will be interested in unique natural and climatic resort Kuyalnik located in 13 km from Odessa. A local resort uses natural healing factors. Using their services can treat and significantly improve the body with the healing mud, brine of estuaries and mineral water.

The sea of Azov

The city of Berdyansk Zaporizhia region is very popular among fans of the warm sea of Azov. For those wishing to improve their health city will offer modern resorts and hospitals, and children have access to health centres. The Berdyansk is very scenic and pleasing to the eye beautiful urban architecture. The city boasts a variety of recreational activities that will delight both adults and children.


The famous Spa resort of Transcarpathia is in Svalyava. All year round it is visited by thousands of tourists. In this resort town located about one hundred mineral springs. It is here that originate such useful and popular mineral water "Polyana Kvasova" ,"Luzhanska", "Polyana-Kupil".

The town itself is situated in a valley and surrounded by chain of mountains. The scenery here is truly stunning, and the air is crystal clear and intoxicating. For tourists there is a large network of hotels and resorts. For tourists who want to spend their holiday with maximum health benefits, it should be borne in mind that the sanatorium of the resort is not located in the city. They are in nearby villages, as close to the mineral springs.

The presence of ski slopes, well-developed infrastructure, a unique environment for treatment and recuperation, as well as a fascinating history of the city makes the City one of the most popular resort cities of Ukraine.

"The best resort in the world"

Another resort famous for its mineral waters - Mirgorod. The city is located a hundred km from Poltava on the river Khorol, surrounded by birches, pines, willows.
This resort has the title of "Best resort of the world." The award was presented for an integrated approach to the rehabilitation of patients natural healing factors and unique powerful medical-diagnostic base.
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