Ultra-modern hi-tech style

A relatively new design style of hi-tech original, unique, and moreover, he is a state of the art, because nothing is more progressive until they come up with. This style brings to the interior a feeling of space and light. Hi-tech gives you the opportunity to fantasize about the combination of materials such as metal, glass and plastic.
Hi-Tech translates to English as "high technology".

The high-tech style is:
minimalism in design;
- clarity of line and beauty of form;
- maximum light and minimum of color;
- ergonomics, functionality and practicality;
- using the most modern technology.

Clarity of line, beauty of form, space zoning

Using the high-tech style in interior design, don't forget about zoning, including using the walls. Living room, office, playroom, rest area, dining room, hallway, everything must be thought out and functional. To highlight areas will allow sliding doors and mobile partitions, which are widely used in hi-tech style.

In the selection of materials for the walls of any special restrictions are not available. How do I use regular paint or plaster, and liquid coatings, textured or smooth Wallpaper, fragments of masonry. Wall or not decorated at all, or are made extremely simple - for example, black-and-white photos or paintings with abstractions in a metal frame.

Suitable for floor tile, concrete, self-leveling coating. In residential premises is permissible and wooden floors - laminate or parquet Board. However, it is necessary to comply with an important condition – the wood texture should be almost invisible. But the use of carpeting in high-tech style is not welcome.

If the walls and floors in this style are rather monotonous and strict, the ceiling is scope for your imagination and experimentation. A good solution is a suspended ceiling Armstrong. Its design does not hide rebar, metal surfaces, chrome pipes and bolts. The ceiling of the living room or bedroom can be transformed into a starry sky and decorate it with lamps-the stars.

Visually increase a small room glossy stretch ceiling, which effectively reflects the shimmering light. And spacious rooms adorn the complex pendant design with chrome, glass elements, and multi-level lighting.

Maximum light and low color

The hi-tech style in interior design is no different a wide variety of colors. Dominant are white, gray or black. Additionally, you can use neutral colours: milk, grey, metallic, beige, cream, coffee, sand, etc. Any colorful ornaments or flower patterns should not be, allowed only solid colors.

The interior must use the effect of "bright spots" - intense blue, yellow, red, green or orange. This can be either coloured furniture, or a fragment of floor, ceiling, walls. The main thing – do not overdo it with bright accents. It is advisable that "spot" was in one instance.

The paucity of colors in interior design kompensiruet the play of color on the chrome and glass surfaces. Light is the most important part of the high-tech style. Various types of additional lighting, layered lighting, lamps on brackets, stands, mounted to walls, furniture, ceiling, floor...

In the interior, high-tech is widely used and mirrors. They reflect the light, diffuse it, and also visually enlarge the space of the room. Mirrors can be decorated not only the walls but the ceiling.

Functional furniture and minimal décor

Furniture for interior design in hi-tech style should be modern, uncluttered and highly functional, but also have a clear geometric form. Surfaces must be smooth and even, and the role of jewelry will be performed by a silvery, metallic or sparkly elements and accessories.
Blankets, pillows, tablecloths, flowers – all this is not welcome in the interior in the style of hi-tech.

The best decoration style of hi-tech modern technology. Kitchen appliances, work area with computer, home theater, stylish,
organically and naturally fit into the design. Also decorate the interior in the style of hi-tech will help the heater or aquarium with exotic inhabitants.

Perhaps someone this design seems overly cautious and reminiscent of the office, but that is the high-tech style: fuktsionalnost, easy and no frills.