The terms of payment of sick leave stipulated by Federal Russian legislation, in particular the first paragraph of article 15 of Federal law No. 255. According to this normative act, the hospital must be settled no later than 10 calendar days of the submission of the prescribed documents to the employer.

In the next since the calculation of salaries the amount of the maternity needs to be paid to the employee in full, that is, for all 140 days.
In the case if the funds were not paid or were paid only partially, the usual expectation will not solve anything. From the first day of infringement of term of payment the employee has the right to file a complaint to the appropriate authorities. However, the best solution would be to start with complaints to a private employer.
The complaint must make it official: write a letter in two copies, register with the Secretary as an incoming document. The complaint must specify the date when the documents have been provided for the calculation of benefits, the date from which the employer violates the law by delaying the payment, and the period during which you are prepared to wait before to go further on instances. The term you define yourself, as stipulated by the legislation of the time were violated.
If upon the expiration of the complaint period the employer did not pay the full amount of the maternity allowance, you can apply to the Federal labor Inspectorate. On your request, on the delayed payment of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth will be audited and issued the instruction about elimination of this infringement. Usually this is enough to ensure that the amount was paid to the employee in full.
If the employer continues to refuse payment of benefits, delays exceeded 2 calendar months, you can resort to more serious measures. In this case, at your discretion, the possible application of the Prosecutor's office about violation of your employer's article 145.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (nonpayment of a salary, pensions, stipends, allowances and other payments), or you can make a claim in court. When applying to the court for additional costs and court costs will not occur - state fee is not charged on claims for untimely payment on the part of the employer.