You will need
  • a textbook on the Japanese language for beginners, audio course on the Japanese language for beginners notebook in a cage, the Russo-Japanese dictionary, Japanese-Russian dictionary
The study of any foreign language starts with the correct pronunciation of its sounds. In Japanese, most of the sounds are almost similar to the Russian equivalent, but the pronunciation of some is the difficulty for Russian-speaking person. Those are the sounds of r and sh. For the correct pronunciation you need to examine the articulation of these sounds (description of the correct position of the organs of speech while pronouncing).
Learning to speak is meaningless apart from the other sections of the language. So, in order to record the words and expressions you need to master the Japanese alphabet. In Japanese language there are several alphabets and ways of writing characters. The simplest of these, Romaji, based on the Latin alphabet. This alphabet is not native, he appeared in the 20th century and immediately became widespread for its simplicity and ease of use. Other necessary for writing words alphabet – hiragana. This alphabet can be used to record all words that begin training before you begin writing.
When learning the Japanese language, both in speaking and in writing you'll encounter in interesting feature. The Japanese language is syllabic, that is, slodowy, and all the words are not divided into sounds and letters, and in short syllables.
The Japanese language has another significant difference from the Russian or any other European language. Clearly visible emphasis in the missing words in the speech of Japanese, but instead have their own kind of melodic accent. Allocated syllable is pronounced higher than the others, and the centers of utterances are accompanied by smooth transitions. This melody in speech is often great difficulty in learning.
Learning the speaking, remember that you need audio recordings of the speech of native speakers. The more information you will perceive by ear, the faster and easier you will have to correctly pronounce words and phrases in Japanese.