Relax in the Friday, going to the theatre. Musicals, Opera and operetta, ballet, conceptual performances, or even theater cafe is a good evening choice. To go to the theater better, of course, in the company of a loved one. Lovers of vivid impressions will find an interesting musical "the little Mermaid", it is composed entirely of beautiful, melodic songs, stunts and romantic love line. A joint campaign that will leave a lot of pleasant experiences. If you like it hot, buy tickets Chicago, wicked story, breathtaking dance numbers and the music will make your evening unforgettable.
Restaurant "In the Dark" also will appeal to fans of acute impressions. Here you can dine in complete darkness, without any light sources. The service you will be served by blind people, and visual deprivation will allow brighter to taste the exquisite dishes served at this restaurant. If you want to experience such an adventure, plan it in advance, because this project is popular.
Fans can stroll on Friday to walk around the centre of Moscow, to look at the legendary Patriarch's ponds, to walk on the squares and boulevards. Moscow at any time of the year a wonderful night. The only thing that can spoil a good walk, severe cold or rain. In this case, it is better to sit in a cafe or theatre.
Major Moscow museums this year, work until eight in the evening, so you can wander through the Tretyakov gallery or the Pushkin Museum. In the evenings the halls are half empty, no one will disturb you to enjoy your favorite paintings or sculptures.
And of course, Friday night you can go to your favorite club with live music or dancing. Where we drink some beer or favorite cocktail and unwind after the working week.