If the bark of the tree a little nibbled by mice or rabbits, wrap the damaged area with plastic wrap. This should be done immediately after discovery of the damage, in this case time plays a very important role.
Paper over the damage on the bark, having a width not more than half the diameter of the tree. For this you need to mix cow manure mixed with garden pitch or clay. Apply the resulting mass on the bark at the site of injury, tie the top with plastic wrap and cover with roofing felt to eliminate the negative effects of light and heat.
Inspect the damage in the early summer, if necessary, clean the wound of dead tissue, apply again and wrap with foil and roofing material.
If the cambium (thin juicy layer between the bark and wood) died, the healing will go a very long time - for several years. Care for such injuries in the following way: put a scratch on the edge of growing living tissue, which would stimulate the growth, then you need to cover the wound with pitch.
If damaged more than half of the diameter of the barrel, cover these places pitch or wrap with stretch film. This film adheres to the surface, good stretches, creating an air and water resistant coating. Cover it with the roofing material on top. If measures are taken on time, and cambium saved, in this case, the bark will grow, and the tree will survive.
In the case of large damage by hares and mice, tree trunk, apply radical method of saving the tree, which is called "the muzzle on the back of growth." Will cutting the trunk above the lowest Bud. This should be done before the moment when the buds of the Apple trees begin to blossom, that is, before the movement of juices in the trunk. This is not to prevent damage leaving the kidney.
Slice special zamazhte garden pitch to the remaining stump has not gone into growth in the spring. With a strong root system, saving Apple in the spring the tree will have a new shoot which will grow rapidly. If damaged by rabbits Apple tree is too young, and its roots are not sufficiently developed, to cut down her trunk on the back of growth is useless.