Beach season ends in October, as has happened before when the Russians rested mainly on the Black sea coast. Beautiful and cheap holidays at this time awaiting you in Egypt. Debilitating heat subsides, the sun becomes gentle, but the sea is still warm. In this weather you can not just lie on the beach, but to go on a tour. The Sphinx and the famous pyramids are worth to look at. On that November evening in Egypt is cool, so grab the ride of outerwear, windbreaker, denim jacket or hoodie. United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and Morocco have similar weather conditions with Egypt and will also be happy to take a rest.
Israel – another very interesting country where people who can not tolerate heat, difficult to stay in the summer. In November he pleases tourists with its beautiful scenery and mild climate, favourable for bathing in the sea and for sightseeing tours. Note, however, that by the end of November in Israel start to go short, but very intensive rains.
Italy, Spain and Greece, so popular in the summer, in November it is not so located to tourists. Weather in the last month of autumn remain warm, but swimming in the sea is already uncomfortable. But these countries are good not only for a beach holiday, because they offer a lot of attractions created by both nature and by human hands. And cool, but windless and Sunny November weather is the best promotes a pleasant excursion.
In November, the greater part of the territory of India is warm and Sunny weather. If you've been wanting to make a trip to this exotic country, it's time to go. Enduring heat and its attendant insects and unpleasant odors will not bother you. The rainy season has finished, but before winter you have a month. If the weather is favorable, you can even relax on the beaches of Goa, while there's still no influx of tourists.