You will need
  • Slotted screwdriver, key ten, ten head with flexible extension, manual.
Take the user manual for your car. There you can find the exact brand and model of lights that are installed in your equipment. The fact that the Nissan Tiida in different model years with different types of light bulbs. So use only recommended brands and models to avoid short circuit or burnout.
Place the vehicle on a level surface. Open the hood. Remove the protective cover of the battery. Have a Nissan Tiida it is mounted with four brand caps. Gently fold the edge of the cover and remove all cartridges from the slots. Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. This is necessary in order to avoid short-circuit. Now remove the top cover of the radiator. It is secured with plastic clips. Remove them using a flathead screwdriver. Do everything carefully so as not to damage the fragile plastic.
Loosen the upper clips. that hold the front bumper. Under the wheel arches locate one bolt on each side that connect the bumper to the wing. Unscrew them with a ten head with flexible extension, as the bolts are in a very remote place. Remove the bumper from the top slots so it was held only by the lower anchorages to the apron and the skid plate. Using the key 10 to loosen the bolts of the headlights. Now pull out the headlight a few inches from the nest. Try not to break the plastic retaining clips. Disconnect the plugs. Remove the protective plastic cover and springs headlights. Remove the old cartridge cute. Install the new one. Assemble in reverse order. Test the lights and adjust them.