Advice 1: How to clean seeds

Simply click a seeds, not thinking about how they can still be clean. It turns out that there are special installation to release the seeds from the husk. Their performance can reach 250 kilograms per hour. With more than 50% of seeds are crushed, they are usually sieved and used for cooking oil.
How to clean seeds
On an industrial scale, for example, in the production kozinaki to clean the seeds is used a special machine. They are able to separate the kernel from the husk. Of course, the seeds must be well dried, otherwise the cleaning process with the help of the mill machine will be very difficult.
The seeds thoroughly eliminate dirt and dust, otherwise it can get into the purified nucleoli. Then all the seeds poured into a special hopper where they are for a while. Then the seeds are sorted by size with a special device called the gate.
It is on this drum and is the process of separating the seeds from the shell. The cleaning process does not end, because some of the nucleoli remain cleared until the end. This happens due to the fact that the seeds are not dried well enough or just the shell was too tightly held to the nucleus.
In addition, purified seeds still need to be separated from garbage. For this purpose, other devices - this fan and the cyclone. They cleaned the seeds sieved in bags. The final stage of cleaning the seeds is done on a special vibrating table. It is the vibration allows to separate the nuclei from the smallest remains of the husk.
If we talk about normal peeling of roasted seeds, then peel them in different ways. I noticed that many people are taking the seed, bitten corner of front teeth, simultaneously squeezing the nucleolus directly in his mouth using my own fingers. Other fans of the seeds, which monitor the state of their smile, clean seeds exclusively by hand. This is the longer method, but it is safe for the teeth.
You must eat only thoroughly cleaned seeds, or you can earn various problems associated with the gastrointestinal tract.

Advice 2: Useful sunflower seeds

As with any product, sunflower seeds can have both positive and negative effects on the human body. It all depends on how much to use them. With proper consumption of sunflower seeds will bring only benefits.
Useful sunflower seeds

The benefits of sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are useful due to high content of vitamins b, A, E, D. in Addition, they contribute to lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood. Seeds can be stored without losing its useful properties. Even in winter the use of sunflower seeds is high due to the presence of macro elements such as iodine, zinc, calcium, fluorine, iron. Amino acids present in the protein of seeds. Among the useful substances contained in the seeds, it can be noted, and a large amount of folic acid and vitamin B6. As much calcium as yogurt or sour cream and several times more magnesium than, for example, in bread.

Wishing to lose weight can include in your diet a small amount of sunflower seeds. Better eat them before the meal, as they slightly reduce appetite. More than sunflower seeds are useful for people suffering from diseases of the kidneys, gallbladder, liver, pancreas. Small quantities of sunflower seeds can be used as a preventive measure against cardiovascular disease.

The one who often nibble sunflower seeds, has a smooth skin, strong nails and beautiful hair. Among the popular recipes very often you can meet the application of the crushed seed as a scrub for face and body. Nutrients are absorbed into the skin, moisturize, nourish, purify and make it more youthful.

Seeds is a great way to relieve nervous tension. Irritation and nervousness will go away after a Cup of roasted sunflower seeds.

It is important to know

This product can be classified as high-calorie, therefore, the best serving of sunflower seeds a day is two to three tablespoons. It is not recommended to roast the seeds in a frying pan. If raw sunflower seeds do not seem so good, better to dry them in the oven.

To prevent the destruction of enamel, you need to clean the seeds with your hands. In this case, the condition of teeth fear is not necessary. But the singers is to completely abandon the use of this product, as there is a risk to damage the vocal cords.

The danger of unwashed seeds, as they can cause infectious diseases. Before drying the seeds in the oven is better to wash them in warm water. Choosing between treated and untreated seeds, it is better to prefer the second, because they are not oxidized due to the protective peel.
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