On an industrial scale, for example, in the production kozinaki to clean the seeds is used a special machine. They are able to separate the kernel from the husk. Of course, the seeds must be well dried, otherwise the cleaning process with the help of the mill machine will be very difficult.
The seeds thoroughly eliminate dirt and dust, otherwise it can get into the purified nucleoli. Then all the seeds poured into a special hopper where they are for a while. Then the seeds are sorted by size with a special device called the gate.
It is on this drum and is the process of separating the seeds from the shell. The cleaning process does not end, because some of the nucleoli remain cleared until the end. This happens due to the fact that the seeds are not dried well enough or just the shell was too tightly held to the nucleus.
In addition, purified seeds still need to be separated from garbage. For this purpose, other devices - this fan and the cyclone. They cleaned the seeds sieved in bags. The final stage of cleaning the seeds is done on a special vibrating table. It is the vibration allows to separate the nuclei from the smallest remains of the husk.
If we talk about normal peeling of roasted seeds, then peel them in different ways. I noticed that many people are taking the seed, bitten corner of front teeth, simultaneously squeezing the nucleolus directly in his mouth using my own fingers. Other fans of the seeds, which monitor the state of their smile, clean seeds exclusively by hand. This is the longer method, but it is safe for the teeth.