First and foremost you together with the inspector of traffic police will have to issue a document in the form "f-748" "certificate of traffic accident". In this document you must specify all your personal data, information about the vehicle and its owner (if you are not). Also, this certificate must reflect the number of your insurance policy and title insurance company.
The original certificate remains with the traffic police inspector, you also get a copy. Some traffic police unit instead of a copy of the certificate in form "f-748" issue a certificate "f-12", which can also be used as primary document. In some regions of the "f-12" continues to have legislative force.
To open active case in the company where the insured vehicle, you will have to provide a ruling on the case on administrative offense and the corresponding Protocol. These documents were dated in the traffic police, they recorded information about the nature of the violation and the administrative penalty that was imposed on the culprit. If the fine for traffic violations in your situation not provided, you can get your hands on "a Definition about refusal in initiation of proceedings about an administrative offense".
If you and all other participants of road accident agree with the legal assessment of the incident, all documents will be handed immediately after the incident. Be sure to check the information contained in the papers issued to you for errors, especially pay attention to specified damage to your vehicle, this will play a huge role when making insurance payments.
Another document that you need to get a notification about the accident. It will need to complete together with the second party to the accident, if the accident involved several drivers, you need each of them to create a separate form of notice. This document contains information about the car, its driver and owner, about a number of the insurance policy and the title insurance company.