You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - the power supply.
Remove the side cover from the system unitof a computer that provides access to the motherboard. Make sure the computer is unplugged from the network and remove from all devices the cables of the power of the established unitand power — from Winchester, drive, graphics card (if connected), floppie and of course the motherboard. As a rule, you need to check the proper placement of the cables that go from the blockand power to all components of a personal computer.
Put the new unit power supply near the computer. Connect the cables supply power to the motherboard. If the Board is not very old, it can be connected to two connectors — the main power and additional. It is not necessary to push the connectors with force. If the connectors do not climb, so you're trying to put them in the wrong way. Insert the connector of the power supply to the closing clips located on the plastic mount of the connector.
Connect unitfrom power mains cable. Powered graphics card if it needs additional power. Connect to motherboard monitor, keyboard, mouse. Move the switch on the unit, e power (if equipped) to on (drawn one) and turn on the computer the usual way.
If the motherboard will work, will spin the fans and will be loaded and on the screen there will be video then the motherboard (and with it the CPU and RAM) in a healthy state. Also do not forget that the unit power supply distributes all the power for all parts of a personal computer. If you do not have enough power, the computer can work with some crashes or does not work, so carefully calculate the power.