You will need
  • - plastic Cup;
  • - bark;
  • - moss;
  • - substrate for orchids;
  • - wood charcoal.
To sprouts quickly and is well developed, you should increase the humidity. Put next to the Orchid small bowl of water or two to three times a day spray green favorite soft water from a spray bottle. It is recommended to start children to transplant orchids in the moment when their length the roots will reach about five to seven centimeters. Until that time, you need to put the Appendix in a glass with bark (with no cut from the peduncle). That is, try to hang a small plastic Cup with bark to the kid so that the process of sitting in it on the stem of the Orchid.
When the roots start to grow up a bit, cut the stem and transplant it in a separate pot. But first you need to dry a fresh cut for two hours. Place the roots of kids in a small bowl of warm purified water and leave on for twenty to thirty minutes. During this time, the roots will be more elastic. Further deepen the roots in the prepared transparent plastic pot and cover them with bark. But note that the trunks kids orchids and growing point should not be in the bark. On top put a small layer of natural moss.
All manipulations transplant kids orchids are to be held sanitized tools to avoid infection. Very careful contact with the young rootlets, as they are quite easily broken. Fresh places on the Orchid it is recommended to sprinkle powdered charcoal. The transplanted baby is usually accepted within two weeks. At this period place pot in a warm but not Sunny place. The lower the ambient temperature the slower the development of the baby. Daily spray the sprout, watered and fed the young plant is allowed in thirty or forty days. When the roots are well strengthened, can be planted the sprout in a special substrate designed for adults of orchids.