Pay attention to your own emotions. It's important to capture the feelings that you are experiencing, and understand why they occur. Ignoring or suppressing your own emotions can greatly hinder self-understanding.
Take the first steps to understanding other people: learn to listen and observe. Do not think out of others. So you are projecting on them their worldview. To develop emotional intelligence, it is necessary to take someone else's worldview, or at least strive for that acceptance.
Try to have contact with people, to establish a strong emotional bond. Don't be afraid to open up my heart to those people who are dear to you.
Find expression in art. A hobby will help you not only to develop any ability or skill. Hobby like can bring your emotions to a new level, teach you to better understand yourself.
Don't be afraid to seem vulnerable or weak person. Sometimes the individual hides his feelings even from himself, to keep the mask of impenetrability. Remember that this behavior not only prevents a full, happy life, but also negatively affects your body.
See drama and melodrama and read sentimental literature. Possibly observing the experiences and feelings of the characters, you will hold a parallel with their own lives and reveal those emotions that were deeply hidden. And remember there is no shame in that to cry during a touching movie or read a very sad book.
Communicate with children. Their immediacy can teach you how to become more emotional. Watching as the kids did not hesitate to Express their feelings and desires, how they understand and accept their own emotions, you too can find a way to my heart.
Adopt a pet. Accommodation next to a playful kitten or a funny puppy can touch your soul previously unknown feelings, to learn to be happy for no reason and to appreciate the simple communication with a pet.
Engage in an extreme sport. It is possible to awaken your emotions, this is the right push. Skydiving, visiting the climbing wall, learn diving, surfing or other sports will help you to take a fresh look at life and shake you.