Pdf is one of the most common formats today. It can be easily edited and printed, and then converted into text format. To translate a file from dwg to pdf use doPDF. Among the analogues of this application you can mark Universal Document Converter, DWG and DXF to PDF converter, AutoDWG DWG to JPG. These tools have similar functionality and are capable of the same way to convert the files you need.
Select any app and download it online from the official website of the developer or any other resource. Install the software, follow the instructions on the screen. After you are finished, close the installer window.
Start AutoCAD and open the file you want to convert. Wait for the document, and then go to "Print" - "Model". In the next window, note the section "Printer/plotter". In the drop down the Name list, select the name you just installed the program.
Go to the section "Format" and choose the size of the document and its parameters. Under "What to print" specify "Frame" and then click the appropriate button and set the options you want. Under "plot Scale", check the checkbox next to "Fit". In the menu "Offset from start", you should specify the "Center" for better formatting.
In the bottom left of the window press "View". Make sure that the proper settings are correctly display the desired file. If the resulting image is correct, close the preview window and click "OK". In the "Search drawing file" select the location where you want to save your resulting pdf file. Enter any name for the document and click "Save".
Wait for the completion of the conversion. After this go to the previously specified directory and open the resulting pdf file to check the quality of the document.