You will need
  • - lemon juice;
  • - vaseline;
  • mug Esmarch;
  • - Apple juice;
  • - warmer;
  • - vegetable oil.
In the large intestine is the absorption of toxic substances. Therefore, the first task of cleansing the body of toxins – elimination of toxic products from the intestines. To do this you need two liters of boiled water at room temperature, in which you want to add a tablespoon of lemon juice (to keep the acid-alkaline balance of the intestine). Pour the prepared solution into a mug Esmarch and lubricate the tip with vaseline or fat cream. Take the knee-elbow position and gently insert the tip into the anus to a depth of 5-10 inches, relax your belly and breathe deeply. Stop the introduction of a solution with the appearance of urgency for defecation. Keep in a liquid for several minutes and liberate the intestines. To carry out this procedure in the first week every day, second – day, third – in three days, on the fourth – four days at the fifth once a week.
The next step will be cleansing the liver and gallbladder of toxins. Three days before the procedure start to eat only plant food. On the day of atonement drink a glass of Apple juice, make an enema. After three hours take a glass of vegetable oil and gently reheat. The second glass should be filled with fresh lemon juice, which also needs to be warmed up. Drink a couple of SIPS of oil, drinking the same quantity of lemon juice. If after fifteen minutes was followed by nausea, repeat until, until the juice and oil. At this time you need to put on the region of the liver warmer with warm water and keep for five hours. In the morning take enema and drink a glass of Apple juice, eat vegetarian food. The next day you can eat porridge on the water, expand the menu gradually. Five days go on a normal diet.
Clean the body through physical exertion, which should be regular (at least three times a week with a duration of forty minutes). Can do walking, Jogging, swimming or Cycling. Yoga is an excellent cleaner of the body. Pay attention to the depth and frequency of breathing. The procedures in the salt room or the speleological chamber will help to start the path to the cleansing of the body.
Start once a week to visit the bath. Bath is hardens, restores strength and promotes weight loss. Organs are saturated with oxygen, aktiviziruyutsya work of the heart, increases blood flow, expands the lungs and improves blood composition. Together with then removes harmful substances, toxins, clears the lymph nodes and skin. Bath stimulates the kidneys, liver and the digestive system, increases appetite and soothes the nerves.