Why measure basal temperature

The basal temperature of women may track to determine a favorable period for pregnancy. The schedule of basal temperature increases the chances of conception, since it is possible to know within what period Matures the egg. The most favorable days for conception - before and at the time of ovulation. Indicators graph can be used to diagnose a pregnancy.

There is a high chance of pregnancy, increased if the basal temperature remains for three days longer than the phase of the corpus luteum (the period after ovulation in which are stored high temperature), if under normal biphasic chart there third jump of temperature increase, and if the phase of the corpus luteum lasts longer than 18 days.
When you increase or decrease the basal temperature pregnant mother should consult the doctor watching her for advice.

The increase in basal temperature takes place under the influence of hormones, which are necessary to prepare the uterus for possible attachment of the egg. If this happens, the hormones continue to be produced, therefore, a high basal temperature is maintained for a long period. For a normal pregnancy during the first four months of constant temperature remains elevated OS up to 37,1-37,3 OS. After this period it gradually decreases.

It is recommended to measure the basal temperature for up to 4 months of pregnancy to track hormonal changes. A sharp decrease of basal temperature during this period indicates a decline in the level of hormones in the blood and, therefore, there is a greater likelihood of miscarriage or stop the development of the fetus. Temperature rise to 37.8 OS and above evidence of inflammation.

How to measure basal temperature

It is recommended to measure the basal temperature in the rectum, not the vagina. Begin measuring on the first day of the cycle. Temperature is measured daily immediately after waking up at the same time. Every extra hour of sleep leads to increase in basal temperature of approximately 0.1 degree. Need to measure the temperature without getting out of bed, not making any sudden movements, since any action can lead to a distorted result.
A thermometer for measuring the basal temperature is necessary to prepare before the evening.

Temperature measurement must be carried out for 7-10 minutes with a mercury thermometer or an electronic 60 seconds. All indicators must be recorded in a special diary for scheduling. If the basal temperature changes, it is necessary to specify the reasons that could cause this change (stress, cold, fatigue, etc.). The adoption of medicines, alcohol, travel, business trip, sexual intercourse the day before can have an impact on basal temperature.