The lovebirds are in the form of parrots that can imitate human speech. So, first of all, you should think about whether a parrot in the future to pronounce his name. It is believed that the most accessible parrot sounds are hissing "K" and "h". It is preferable to use them in the name lovebird. For Example, Kesha, Chicky.
Все о попугаях, как назвать питомца
For your pet available and the sound "R". When activated, the parrot also quickly learn your name. Such a nickname as Richie, a good option for small breeds, it is convenient to bird sounds "p" and "h". Definitely worth it to avoid nicknames, in which there are pronunciation sounds "m", "l" and "h". Lovebirds are very bad they reproduce.
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It is not surprising that the owners in most cases carefully consider a name for the pet, because the nickname is also a way to show your love, give the bird attention. Lovebird fascinating creatures. Looking at them, of course, want to come up with something exotic. However, it should be remembered that the names are too complex can affect the nature of the birds in an unpredictable manner.
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For example, if you call lovebird don Corleone, it is unlikely that he is the owner of good-natured cheerful disposition. In addition, the bird will need a lot of time to remember the nickname. It might be better to come up with something simple, but positive. You might like the name Smack, Coconut or even chocolate lollipops. Funny name of a pair of syllables will be easy to pronounce, and it can lift the mood of you and your family.
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If the bird was bought as a gift to a child, when selecting a name it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of the speech skills of your kid. It's better to first day of stay lovebird in the house your child could fully say his name, otherwise the bird will simply not be able to perceive it and reproduce. Do not use nicknames, like the names of your loved ones. This will confuse the bird and will lead to problems in learning.
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Inventing a name, don't try to get lovebird quick results. Perhaps the parrot will remember it and reproduce after a few weeks or even months. Each bird, like people, are individual. Repeat the name softly, but clearly, because the pet it should be like.