You will need
  • - administrator rights.
To remove a hyperlink, highlight the linked text and press CTRL+Z on the keyboard. If you press this combination again, then lost the URL. If you want to remove from whole page that includes various hyperlinks, just click on the keyboard key combination CTRL + A and delete everything existing on it.
To remove the hyperlinks in the whole document or paragraph, highlight the text and click on the highlighted area, right click to activate drop-down menu. Click the hyperlink to set the whole region this option. Then again select all the text and open the drop-down menu. To remove the link using the appropriate menu item.
You can also clear all text from the hyperlink, highlight it with the mouse or by pressing CTRL+A on the keyboard. Click on the list of styles in the top toolbar and select the style "Basic" to reset all formatting and special parameters to the initial values of the style.
To disable the automatic creation of hyperlinks through the program menu, select "AutoCorrect Options". Go to the tab "AutoFormat as you type" and uncheck the item "Internet and network paths with hyperlinks". In some cases, hyperlinks in the document is useful.
For example, when you create a price list of products, and for each position attach a link to the page of your store — so the user with one click of the mouse can cause the product information and pictures. You may also use special editors that set program code special colors that the user is not confused in the information and was convenient to program.