Start a social media account, sign up on Dating sites send your photo and detailed profile on Dating agencies. Within two or three weeks you will probably meet a citizen of India. To be sure, it is acceptable to write in the questionnaire that you dream about the Indian, like their culture, etc.
If a long (or not) the correspondence and phone calls will make a new friend desire you to come and experience personally – it can already be considered a very good sign. Not every man will overcome long distance to meet him uninteresting girl.
During this period it is important not to cross the permissible limits and in any case not to invite the guest to stay at home. First, quite a wealthy man should be able to pay at the hotel, walk with the bride and going out to a cafe or restaurant. Second, the culture of India, even today is that the girl who started Dating with intimacy and living under the same roof would not be considered as a future wife. So from time to time there needs to be distance. Thirdly, if in person something goes wrong and the "groom" would be to the court, he can safely and honestly to leave, by continuing to seek his fortune.
Perhaps after the first meeting a man will cause the bride to his home, and here it may be in for a surprise. Or relatives of the groom will not even be aware of its existence (which speaks of not-serious intentions), or future husband immediately lead the bride into the house, where his numerous relatives, who, believe me, will not be embarrassed to ask even the most indelicate questions. The thing is that his wife in India choose as a thing, i.e. the woman must be of good physique, good heredity desire for art and the ability to hold a conversation.
It is worth noting that enough wealthy men in India likely to seek a wife from his circle. So become the bride of the Maharajah, most likely, will not work. And to win the heart of an Indian can only conforming to the beliefs of the men of this country of love and beauty.
Indian wife most of the time dedicates to the care of her husband, cooking (and it is significantly different from the Slavic), and only then in children and other responsibilities.
Very kind to the Indians attitude towards the implementation of religious rules, which necessarily will have to comply. Disputes and clarify the relationship with her husband Hindu – a thing incompatible with marriage. So look for the way to solve the problems of women will have the diplomacy and affection.
Well, of course, India is famous for its art of love. So that being beautiful and desirable mistress – one of the first steps to achieve happiness in the family with her husband, a Hindu.