You will need
  • - nail Polish;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • - a variety of brushes;
  • - palette;
  • - liquid nail Polish remover;
  • - protective base;
  • top coat;
  • - faux pearls;
  • - a tool for the dots.
Pick up tools and paint. To create drawings you will need some basic shades of acrylic paints. Mixing them, you will be able to increase the palette. Acrylic paint applied with a thin flat or round brush. First you can draw swirls and flower petals, the second is useful for creating a variety of lines and outlining the contours of the figure.
For the background need a thick enamel dark or pastel colours. In the dark nail Polish nice shiny and bright drawings. White, cream or pale pink background brings out the bright and dark patterns. To make the manicure more eye-catching will help tops with glitter, dry glitter and metallic inks.
Select the combination of colors before you start painting. Prepare all the tools and paint, stock up on liquid nail Polish remover and clean the brush with their help, you can quickly erase a bad line. Fresh acrylic paint can be removed with plain water and cotton sticks.
Try a very simple design - polka dot. For this, you will need a special tool - metal wand with a ball on the end. Cover the nails with a protective base and allow to dry. Then apply two coats of background enamel. The resulting color should Shine through. Thoroughly dry the varnish, you can use the drip or spray drying.
Dip stick for design in lacquer of a contrasting color and put on nail points. You can arrange them in geometric order or randomly. Decorate all your nails or decorate only a few fingers. The colored dots you can complement brilliant - for example, gold. When finished, cover the pattern with a layer of top cover, it will make the nails smooth and shiny.
Simple in design and simple drawing, done with acrylic paints. Try to draw a stylized chrysanthemum. Cover the nail base and two layers of dark purple enamel. Dry them.
On a plastic palette or a small saucer squeeze some white acrylic paint. Dip it flat brush with a slanting cut. Drag it to the bottom of the nail and one rounded stroke of the brush, draw a curl. Next draw another so that their narrow ends converged at one point. Continue to draw the petals, forming a chrysanthemum.
In the base of attach chrysanthemum artificial pearl. Dip a thin round brush in silver Polish and take a few strokes on top of the petals - this will give the drawing volume. Dry the nails and apply a top coat gloss.