You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
If you have a private Facebook group, you will be able to earn money on it, doing advertising of other communities or by sale of any goods and services. If you do not have your own group, you can easily create it. Log on to your page Vkontakte. In the upper left corner you will see the following menu: "My profile", "My friends", "My pictures, My videos, My music", "My message", "My groups", "My answers", "My settings". Hover the mouse cursor over this menu and click "My groups".
You will see a window where you will see a list of all the communities on the updates which you have subscribed. In the top right corner of this window will be located the entry "Create a community". Clicking it will automatically open a window in which you need to enter the name of your community and choose what you want to create a group, event or public page.
In the next window you will need to enter all the settings of your group, namely: to make a description of your community, specify its address and location, to open or close access to audio and video recordings, photos, documents, discussions. Also, you need to choose privacy group, that is to solve, it will be open or closed.
Your group has already been created. Now you only have to download it fotgrafii, set the main image, add notes on the wall and invite a group of their friends. However, remember that the number of invited users may not exceed 40 people per day. Get PR for your band and try to pay for its advertising. This can be done, agreeing with the administrators of any other popular group. They will get money from you and put a link to your community. So you will be able to increase the number of subscribers in your group.