You will need
  • - beehive;
  • - polozok;
  • - insulation;
  • - sugar syrup:
  • the Queen cells;
  • - the uterus;
  • uterine cell.
Take cuttings in may, when the drones to a young womb are fertilized. Prepare a clean 10-12 frame beehive and polozok. In warm windless day, place a beehive next to the bee family, which you will share.
Family take 1 frame with larvae and put it in the new hive. See below on the frame sure was a one-day larvae, as in more Mature bees do not lay the Queen cells. The sides put 1 frame with sealed brood on the way out and the most extreme on the frame with food – honey and pollen.
All part of the bees not Strachowice, just make sure that strains were not uterus. If the bees a little, then add them to a new hive, otherwise the larvae will lack warmth and they will die. To do this, from the mother of the family take the young neobitaemiy frame with bees and shake them into a nucleus. Close polarcom, insulated top and side, and then move the hive to a permanent location in the apiary. Cover the notches, leave a gap in the 1-2 cm Maternal family give 2 frames with honeycombs or drought is taken.
At the new place of the old bees will fly out of the nucleus into the family, so the first 2 days let the water out, while young bees in a new hive does not abletts. Pour the water in the cells of an empty frame or put a top feeder with sugar syrup.
After 2 days test, laid bees Queen cells, leave the pieces 5 the good, smooth and large, the rest tear off. If no Queen cells, give cuttings a 14-day liquor of any family or put back the frame with larvae. You can also plant another uterus in the box. Better fertilized, these bees take more readily. After the bees will feed the uterus, release her from the cell.
12 days after you made strains of Queen cells should emerge young Queens, bees will choose the best, and the rest destroyed. A week after the release of the uterus will do the flyby and will be fertilized, and after 2 days will begin to sow the eggs. At this time you need to regularly substitute frame with a high quality dry, and then and honeycombs to expand the bee colony.