Instructions for use "Menovazin"

The drug "Menovazin" is used as a local analgesic for muscular pains, neuralgia (pain caused by nerve lesions), with arthralgia (joint pain). "Menovazin" is also used as an antipruritic agent for skin dermatoses.

Procaine (novocaine) and benzocaine included in the composition of the drug, has analgesic effect, they prevent in the nerve fibers pain impulses. Menthol when applied to the skin, irritating the nerve endings, dilates superficial blood vessels, improves the analgesic effect of procaine and benzocaine, relieves itching, creates a feeling of coolness. "Menovazin" is available in the form of solution and ointment.

The ointment and solution Menovazin used externally. The drug is applied on the skin located over the affected area and rubbed. Not recommended the use of "Menovazin" more than 3-4 weeks. The treatment can be repeated after some time. Solution "Menovazin" in folk medicine used for hypertension: drug lubricate the skin from the neck to the ear twice a day.
Because the drug is used topically, it does not get into systemic circulation.

Contraindications, side effects "Menovazin"

Do not apply the drug on broken skin or on skin with inflammation. When using the "Menovazin" should be avoided contact with eyes. Do not use "Menovazin" during pregnancy. With careful use of the remedy in women during lactation, children and adolescents up to the age of eighteen.

To eliminate lower back pain in the joints is "Menovazin" during pregnancy use other drugs recommended by your doctor. "Menovazin" has no effect on ability to drive and knowingly engage in hazardous activities that require greater attention and speed of psychomotor reactions.
"Menovazin" should be stored in dark places inaccessible to children at temperature not exceeding 15°. The shelf life is two years.

Menovazin for reviews can have side effects: may cause contact dermatitis, reactions allergic nature. With prolonged use there is a possibility of lowering blood pressure, the appearance of asthenia, headaches, dizziness. If you have problems with blood pressure are advised to stop the drug. In the amplification of any side effects, you must consult a doctor. Cases of overdose have not been identified. Menovazin is sold without a prescription.