Just right click on the antivirus icon near the clock in the lower right corner of the screen and select menu "settings". Select the tab "advanced settings" (yellow envelope), and then the first paragraph the appeared menu the "Threats and exclusions".
Click the left mouse button "setting" in the "Exception". Then in the window "Trusted zone" click successively on "Add-Select an object-Overview". In the selection window you can select the folder added to exceptions, as a separate file. If you choose a folder, make sure you have a checkmark in "include subfolders".
After confirmation, the selected object will appear in the trusted zone. Click OK, then in the settings window in the section "Exceptions" will indicate the number of the established rules and trusted applications. Apply the settings made.
If you need to unlock your access to the site, do the following. Similarly to the previous instructions, select the item "Settings". In the tab "protection Centre" (appears from the icon in the form of a green shield) select the menu "Web anti-virus". Be sure the item "Enable Web antivirus" checked, click "configure" (under the slider "security Level").
In the resulting window, select the tab "Web addresses". "Don't check web traffic from trusted web addresses" should be checked. Click on the "Add" button and enter the address of blocked website. The address sign in the stars with two sides, so that when we move to other pages of this web resource they are not blocked. Optional enter the name of the website, you can unlock a group of addresses contained in the title, for example, the word *torrent*. Confirm your action.