Click the left button of the mouse on the key "start" in the lower left corner of the screen the desktop. This menu also opens if you click on the keyboard button with the Windows logo.
In the menu "start" at the bottom right, find "Run" and place the cursor of the mouse. A window opens for entering the command. Here, you can call the necessary tool – management console user accounts. A window for entering commands can also be opened by pressing simultaneously on the keyboard button with an image of the Windows logo and letter R in a Latin layout.
In line to enter a command, type the following: control userpasswords2. Press OK. In the appeared window press "Yes". Keep in mind that to perform this operation, your account needs to have administrator rights on the computer.
Look in the opened window titled "user Account" to your account. In the box next to "Require a password and user name", uncheck the box.
In the bottom of the window press "Apply". Enter your password in the opened dialog box. If you have no password, leave both fields empty. Press the OK button. Restart the computer. Now you do not need to enter a password at system startup.
To disable the password query when resuming from hibernation, disable this feature in the power settings of the computer. Right-click on empty space on your desktop. In the resulting menu, select last line "Properties". Open the tab "screen Saver" and click on the "Food". Go to "Advanced". Find the line "require password when exiting sleep mode" and remove the check mark from the adjacent box. Press "Apply".