The benefits of turmeric

Useful properties of turmeric was used in ancient times. So, in the Indian subcontinent it was used as a means to cleanse the body. The composition of turmeric include b vitamins, vitamins K and C, iodine, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Turmeric has a positive effect on digestive processes and the intestinal microflora.

Its action is similar to the action of antibiotics, it heals inflammation, it has a choleretic effect and is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals (molecules that destroy healthy cells). Turmeric is used in Oncology: the substance curcumin is able to rid the body of cancer cells without affecting healthy. The use of this seasoning is useful for cancer prevention.

Turmeric stimulates the brain and is considered an excellent preventive remedy for Alzheimer's disease (senile dementia). This spice has a positive effect on the skin. It purifies the blood and helps to recover from serious diseases. Turmeric normalizes metabolism, rids the body of cholesterol, its use is a good prevention of diabetes and obesity.
To turmeric showed useful properties, it must be taken regularly for several days.

Turmeric is used for weight loss by adding diet drinks. The essential oil of turmeric is part of many cosmetic products, giving them a specific spicy aroma. Oil of turmeric is used for Mature and oily skin.

Medicinal properties of turmeric

In folk medicine, turmeric helps in the treatment of many diseases. For example, arthritis spice acts as a great adjuvant: it is daily added to food in the amount of 0.5 of a teaspoon. Turmeric helps to cure migraine, atherosclerosis, chronic diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, cholelithiasis, diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Actively used turmeric and colds: it is diluted in warm milk and taken orally. Pharyngitis treated with a mixture of seasoning with the honey. Turmeric is useful to add in food for people with diabetes, for the treatment of this disease it is used in combination with Shilajit. Turmeric is contraindicated in the presence of stones in the gallbladder or obstruction biliary tract.
Because turmeric has a strong effect on the body, before including it in the diet in the presence of any disease, consult your doctor.

Using turmeric in cooking

Turmeric can prolong the shelf life of food, its a small amount gives the dish a unique aroma and taste. A spice used for cooking various sauces, marinades and desserts. It gives the dish a delicate yellow color. This spice add in liqueurs and other drinks. Preparing fish, meat, soups, vegetable dishes, you can also add turmeric. Keep it in a tightly closed glass jar in order not to lose its smell. Shelf life of chopped turmeric - 2-3 years.