Flying ants represent ants who have begun their mating season. The time comes and wingless insects grow wings in search of a partner, rising to higher ground, find a mate. Mating can occur on land and in the air. Immediately after this the males die and the females find a place for the future nest. Finding a suitable secluded area, the female lays one glued lumpy eggs. One week later the first ants begin to build a new nest and to feed the starving female. During this period, flying ants-females expend accumulated before the marriage flight of the fat, the wings disappear and muscle atrophy.
The first way to get rid of flying ants, with which to start combating this insect, - cleaning of the room. Fertilized females absolutely clean house is not interesting. They need a warm place near a source of food and drink. You'll need to get rid of "stale" items and debris, tighten all taps, remove all the food from the kitchen, especially babies. Before proceeding to a thorough spring cleaning, try to find all nests of flying ants and destroy them. You will need to drain the wet places, cover up all the cracks and crevices. Insects can be collected with a vacuum cleaner.
All dangerous places in the apartment treat with a special spray, gel, tape or chalk. To acquire the funds in a specialty Department of household chemicals. Before use, carefully read the instructions. To help in the fight with the flying ants can same drugs that are used for regular destruction of the insects: "Regent", "Raptor", "Dichlorvos", "Masha".
Try to process favorite flying ants designated substance with a pungent odor (for example, eucalyptus oil, sulfur, garlic). For this, the tools recommended to mix brown: it will quickly break down their chitin shell. This treatment is preferably carried out repeatedly, as the remaining live flying ants can move through the house from one location to another.
The most effective way of getting rid of flying ants – call professional specialists. Invited employees in a fairly reasonable fee, will eliminate the insect. In addition, they will give you a guarantee of their work. If during the year the flying ants will bother you again, qualified staff will repeat the treatment of the room for free.