The very name of the country stands for, the manner in Russian it sounds like a rustic style. Of course, this style is combined with the private house, but now in a city apartment such an option is acceptable, you only need to make some adjustments in connection with the specifics of housing.

There are few people who decide to give the apartment a style, but there are daredevils who are ready for experiments. Moreover, the country is a home style and decoration of residential premises, which will provide housing warmth and comfort. First we need to find materials that are ideal for creating this style.

The use of advanced and artificial materials in this style is absolutely unacceptable because the rustic style is quite close in nature to eco style, it is necessary to use as many natural materials and the most simple decor. Metal structures it is better to exclude from the decor, and the use of plastic.

For flooring it is best to use a parquet Board or laminate, most importantly, do not use linoleum or tile. Such materials can compromise the integrity of the planned structures that will lead to the failure of the execution of the plan.

The ceiling can just be plastered and painted with white paint, but ideally you should use decorative beams of lightweight wooden construction. They can be built point light, or just leave as decoration. This choice depends on the family. As for the walls, they must be in harmony with the ceiling and floor. It is therefore important to understand what will be the ceiling.

If there are beams involved, you should not overload the whole style and the walls are left plain. But if the ceiling is not decorated, you can use Wallpaper with floral print. As for the decor, it is possible to use a forgery of clay, or any other interesting solutions are made of natural materials. Therefore, to embody country life, is necessary to maintain the concept throughout.